The Gallery at Orleans Camera

The Gallery at Orleans Camera

The Gallery at Orleans Camera

Exclusively a photographic gallery where all styles of photography are displayed and celebrated with new shows each month.

Currently show is our 8th Annual "Your Favorite Photo"Our goal of Your Favorite Photo of 2019 is that you will review the photos you shot this past year and in the process of finding your favorite you will find a new appreciation for the many special moments and treasured memories that are buried in your photo library. These will be the photos of this years show.



• Show Dates: Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020 - March 27, 2020

• Drop Off: Jan 13- 27, (LIMITED SPACE REMAINS)

• Opening Reception Saturday, Feb. 1, 4- 5:30PM  

• Pick Up Date: March 28, 2020


• Print Must Be Borderless 12x18 or 12x12

• Photo Must Have Been Taken in 2019

• One Entry Per Person

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