Film & Video Conversion Services

Film & Video Conversion Services

How Old Are Your Memories?

We all have our collection of recorded memories. Priceless moments on movie film reels, video tapes and transparencies, forever captured. Or, is it forever?

It is generally accepted that magnetically recorded videos such as VHS, VHSC, 8MM and Mini DV video have an expected life of 20 years +/- before serious degradation occurs.

Transferring your old videos to a digital medium such as DVD or USB flash drive is the best way to stop the aging process, share images of your past and to assure future playback compatibility.



Important Tips For Preserving Your Video & Film Memories


First and foremost protect your movie film and video tapes from changes in temperature and humidity. Store them in your normal living environment, not the attic and not in the cellar. Film and video tape surfaces are very susceptible to the growth of mold when stored improperly.

Slides in slide pages should be reviewed for the harmful effects of pvc slide storage pages which were prevalent in the past. The plastic in the page emits vapor detrimental to the life of the transparency emulsion. Slide carousels provide a good organized option for storage albeit a bulky one.


Enjoying the past.

Reviewing your treasure trove of memories can be a fun and heartwarming experience. The challenge comes when you no longer have a movie or slide projector. VHS/ 8mm VCR's and 8mm/ 16mm movie projectors are essentially extinct. Transferring those tapes and reels of film to a digital media may be your only option for viewing. Slide projectors are available for rent for reviewing and editing purposes.

Consider Migrating Your Memories To a Digital Form

Sharing, there is no better way to preserve and share the joy of memories than to transfer them to a digital media like a DVD or USB Flash Drive. It assures playback and compatibility into the future, makes it easy to share with friends and family members and will not suffer any further degradation of quality. Whatever future media systems may hold you can be assured they will be digital in form.

Don't Forget Your Printed Photos

Printed photos are especially important memories that can be easily scanned and shared with our ShoeBox Scanning service. Bring in a box of photos, wallet size to 8x10 and we'll scan them, enhance them and save them to CD, DVD or Flash Drive. Prices start at just 59¢/scan for 100 prints and go as low 23¢/scan for 1000 prints.


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